Stereo Class-A discreet Mastering-Linepreamp

Handcrafted by Electric Lane for Robert Babicz Germany, LeftRight Mastering Studio Belgium

Black Coffee

# Stereo Line-Preamp for recording, mastering
   and live performance

# Hand selected best quality capacitors
   and resistors for excellent dynamic

# Very rare vintage audio transformers
   for clear & warm analogue sound

# Fully discreet Class-A design

# XLR and symm. 6,3mm in&outs

# W 150 x H 115 x D 190 mm
   Weight: ca. 4kg
   Available also with 19”-2HE cabinet

# External 230VAC / 24VDC-0,5A PS included

   € 2099,- (+ 19% tax)
Customers w. valid EU tax Nr. and
   outside EU tax free!

Der Black Coffee ist ein “schneller” Linepreamp mit einem Gainbereich von -9dB bis +6dB und ist für Recording sowie Mastering geeignet. Der Klang ist sehr “punchy” - alles, was vorher müde klang, wird zum neuen Leben erweckt, Transienten werden wieder transparent  und zu stark komprimierte Mischungen kriegen wieder “Luft”.

The Black Coffee is a “fast” line-preamp with  a gain range from -9dB to +6dB and is suiitable for recording, as well as mastering. The sound is very punchy - everything that sounded very tired before, will be made alive again, transients will be transparent again and mixes, which are compressed too heavily, will breathe again.

Mastered with
Robert Babicz © 2009

Mastered with
Robert Babicz © 2009

“Mystic smile”
Mastered with
© 2009